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Cashout from PS
  LsDDeaD, Sep 09 2011

Hi.I'm rarely using my VISA, so yesterday when I had to make some payments there was about $10 left and I decided to have a little fun.Now It's $55 and I want to cash out but obv. you can cash out at least $100 via VISA.
So the trick is here - I can do it with a Direct Bank transfer but I wonder - in order to have VISA you need bank account attached to it anyways (that's the one I'm going to use) so is it alloweded to cash out using this bank account cause it makes no sense to me - when I try VISA I need at least $100 for the cashout, but when I'm using the bank account for that it OK or they won't procceed my transfer?

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HU advice need
  LsDDeaD, Jul 07 2011

Hello.It's been strange these days - US players banned from PS and FTP, later on FTP got banned..For some time now I'm watching some good NLHE players moving to PLO, so to make it brief - poker is changing.And I think it's a good time to consider some change in my poker life aswell.
What I'm thinking about is investment - investment in my poker play.I don't rely on poker about money, but the truth is that I have been in this game for too long and maybe I should give myslef a chance and try and take a bit more professional look to my game.
So what I'm thinking about is starting playing HU in PS.What I need is information so I could be able to decide if it's worthy for me to make that investment or not.
I am not a multitabler.I enjoy playing 1 table 2 at most.Also I'm willing to start from 100NL, but considering my lack of experience maybe I would accept to play 50NL.Also I think that if i make this step I will definetly make it with some sort of long term coaching.
So for now I would ask you to help me to do my math - I want to make some calculations how much money should I need to make this happen, because this will be the main factor to decide weather I'll do it or not.
To sum it up - I want to start playing HU at PS at 100NL(maybe 50NL), I want to do it by playing 1 or at most 2 table and I want to make a long term coaching deal.Could you help me with the approximate sum that I'll need to begin with - how many Buy-ins for the limit given + how much do you think I'm gonna spend for a reasonable coaching for a reasonable period of time?

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  LsDDeaD, Apr 19 2011

Hi there.
I'm not very sure why FTP is closed for USA citizens but as I'm concerned it has something to do with some sort of FBI investigation.
But st8 to the point.And I want to make it clear - I'm not mocking here, just was stunned when I realised that FTP got many times softer when the USA has gone.I don't know if the USA are the best players or the nittest (I guess more of the second) but the matter of fact is, the games got reallyyyyyyyyy soft these days.I mean - even softer.
So, respect to all USA players and I want to share an idea that comes to my mind playing with all those ausies, costa ricans and so on...If some of you want a bulgarian flat with fast internet and FTP acc. to play with - I'm here for you.I'm pretty sure it gonna pay off for you. Just a joke.Or maybe not.
Have a nice day.

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